Industrial Packaging

TMS Automotive is your industrial packaging specialist

With ever-increasing freight traffic, your high-quality industrial goods need special protection against damage and the effects of weather. In addition to packaging, the Technical Services department of the Mike Renn group also manufacture tailor-made transport racks and transport boxes to meet special customer requirements.

Our services at a glance

  • Shrink-wrap
  • Industrial and reusable packaging

Shrink-wrap packaging

Over land, across the sea and in the air, our shrink wrap packaging is tailored to your needs and requirements. We use three-layer LD-PE shrink film, which guarantees UV protection for up to 24 months, which can be extended for up to 48 months UV protection when required. Packaged goods can be different sizes, whether a control cabinet, a rotor blade for a wind turbine, industrial installations and boilers or even a luxury yacht, we can always provide the optimal level of protection for your goods and property. In special applications where mandatory levels of fire protection apply, we use our shrink film with B1 flame retardant.

Important properties of shrink film

  • Salt water resistant
  • up to 48 months UV protection
  • Heat and cold resistant
  • tear resistant
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Water drainage / absorbs moisture
  • Climate control/ ventilation slits
  • Lashing eyes / lifting points

Industrial and reusable packaging

Over land | across the sea | and in the air | The continuous growth of freight traffic demands high protection for industrial goods against damage and the influence of weather. In addition to packaging, we also manufacture tailor-made transport racks and transport boxes to meet special customer requirements, either individually or in bulk as part of a series! Multi-packaging is a realistic option in the modern world of product consistency, especially where a company operates its own logistical run. We can offer you complete solutions including PVC fabric tarpaulins, individual wooden box construction and other services. See Industrial Services for more information.

Examples of our services

  • Custom made export boxes / export packaging
  • Packaging of dangerous goods
  • Made to measure PVC fabric tarpaulins
  • Shrink film printed with a company logo
  • Foam padding – the ideal protection
  • Customs clearance
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